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8 Steps to Improve Bowling Green Irrigation Efficiency

Bowling green irrigation issues range from efficiency and functionality problems right through to complete system breakdowns. We’ve seen it all throughout our 30 years working in bowling green maintenance, we identify issues and resolve them quickly to ensure your irrigation system is working efficiently across your bowling green.

8 Essential Irrigation Efficiency Checks

  1. Leaking valves or pipes causing water waste and low pressure
  2. Broken, sunken, tilted or missing sprinkler heads
  3. Clogged nozzles preventing water distribution
  4. Misaligned sprinkler heads, resulting in the overwatering or dry areas
  5. Over-spray, resulting in poor uniformity of distribution across your green
  6. Low pressure problems, causing sprinkler heads to fail to pop-up or rotate
  7. High pressure problems, causing misting from sprinkler heads and rapid rotation resulting in poor distribution and potential damage to the system
  8. Incorrect spray arc, resulting in poor or inconsistent coverage across the green, older systems in particular may need updated.

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Our greenkeeping team have extensive experience in bowling green irrigation maintenance across dozens of bowling clubs throughout Scotland.

Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quote from our team of irrigation experts to ensure your greens stay looking fantastic with an efficient irrigations system.

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