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8 Ways to Get Your Bowling Green Ready For the 2016 Season

Now that you’ve had some time away during the off-season and Christmas has been and gone your attention may be turning to preparing your bowling club for the 2016 season.

It can be a daunting task initially, luckily Sports Turf Services have put together a checklist for you to look over and decide what your club requires as the new season approaches.

Arrange an Advisory & Maintenance Agreement

An experienced advisor and a fully trained and experienced greenkeeper taking care of maintenance ensures your club’s green looks and plays fantastically all year.

Re-Levelling Bowling Green Edges

Green edges can deteriorate over the years due to the heavy foot traffic they take, re-levelling can make a big difference.

Artificial Bankings Installation

Aesthetically impressive and drastically reducing your maintenance workload drastically, these are a great long-term investment for your club.

Bowling Green Bankings Re-Cover

If you have had artificial grass bankings for many years they may have deteriorated or need upgrading to the latest quality artificial grass available.

Irrigation System Installation

Modern, effective irrigation systems ensure your greens are kept in peak condition throughout dry periods in the summer months.

Irrigation System Maintenance

If you already have an irrigation system in place it is important to ensure that it is fully functioning and efficient to effectively water your greens.

Bowling Green Renovations

You may be at the point that you feel your bowling green requires a complete renovation to ensure the best possible playing surface for 2016.

One-Off Professional Bowling Green Maintenance Support

Many bowling clubs handle maintenance in-house, however there is some work that requires professional expertise or machinery.

Need Any Help?

Sports Turf Services can assist you with all areas of bowling green maintenance to ensure your club is in fantastic shape for the 2016 season.

For more information or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quote get in touch with us today.

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