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Bowls Aut Win Advisory

Bowling Green Autumn/Winter Advisory

Scarifying, aeration, over seeding and top dressing has now been carried out on the green. These essential maintenance tasks will greatly benefit the wellbeing of the turf through winter and into next season.

With the 2019 season now at an end we have a few subjects of advice to help you, help us make your green as good as possible in 2020.

Your Mower

At the time of renovations your machine was set with a height of cut of 7mm. This higher cutting height reduces stress on the delicate grass plants and reduces potential moss invasion. Your mower is a vital component in the production of a quality bowling surface and requires maintenance to ensure it functions as efficiently as possible.

Please ensure your mower is washed down after use and follow any manufacturers instruction on maintenance. Prior to the new season your mower should be sharpened by an approved dealer and please don’t leave it too late as many dealers get very busy in early spring.

Your Irrigation System

Your irrigation system must be drained and properly shut down before the first frosts arrive. Not doing so could result in burst pipes and pumps. If you require advice on this or would like us to shut down your system please contact us.

Mowing through Autumn/Winter

The seasons have definitely changed and grass growth continues throughout the autumn/winter period. Regular mowing through this period will benefit the turf surface however this should only be carried out when conditions are favourable. A dry breezy afternoon is an ideal time to top off the grass.

Please ensure any worm casts and any other debris is removed by switching prior to mowing. Never mow when the turf is very wet of affected by frost. If in doubt or you would like further advice on mowing in the closed season please contact us.

Beneficial Autumn/Winter Maintenance

Switching – This basic task is extremely important in reducing disease and weed occurrence. Morning dew left of the surface increases the risk of disease. Many turf damaging fungi are spread through water so keeping the surface as dry as possible will reduce the threat of disease. Switching worm casts off the surface will prevent invasion of weeds. A worm cast is an ideal seed bed for weeds.

Disease Monitoring – We will be carrying out regular inspections of your green over the closed season however some diseases can appear overnight and their early identification and treatment is essential. There are a number of fungal diseases which affect turf through the autumn/winter period namely fusarium and anthracnose.

To help you identify early signs of disease there is a very useful website which provides images of a number of damaging diseases but remember if in doubt contact us.

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