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Bowling Green Irrigation Installation

Don’t Let Your Bowling Greens Dry-Out

At Sports Turf Services we understand that you want to keep you bowling greens in peak condition throughout the bowling season and looking and playing their best. An expertly installed, efficient irrigation system plays a major part in making this a reality.

We know bowling club budgets can be tight and keeping an eye on finances is extremely important, with this in mind we work closely with clubs to establish your requirements and budget in order to tailor your irrigation system so that it delivers maximum rewards whilst minimising your outlay.

What are the Benefits of Having an Irrigation System?

  • Saves Time – automatic irrigation systems saves you the time you used to spend manually watering your greens. Using timers you can set the watering to take place at a time that suits you without having to be there.
  • Saves Water – Irrigation systems are set to use precisely the amount  of water you decide is required, which is often not the case when watering greens by hand and can lead to over-watering.
  • Saves Money – The irrigation systems more efficient use of water and a reduction in your labour costs mean that you will save money by using a modern irrigation system.
  • Improves Greens – Watering your green with smaller amounts of water over a longer period of time ensures they are in healthier condition so you can enjoy greener greens.

Your Irrigation Installation

All of our irrigation installations are implemented by our team with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have installed to range of clubs, each with unique requirements, tailoring our installations to meet their needs.

We will initially visit your club to carry out a survey before we quote for any work. We do this to ensure that all of the equipment, including sprinklers, piping, water tanks and water pumps, are installed to suit the individual club requirements, we never just wheel out an ‘standardised’ package.

All of the irrigation systems we install are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of the bowling green in an effective and efficient manner.

Our installations are designed to minimise your water bills and ensure that areas out-with the green are not needlessly being watered. More importantly than this, we ensure that the irrigation system does not over or under water particular areas of the green, which can lead to flooding or dry, brown patches.

Why Choose STS?

Our greenkeeping team have extensive experience in bowling green irrigation installation across dozens of bowling clubs throughout Scotland.

This wealth of experience ensures our team will have an answer to any questions you may have for them, they are always just one call away.

We are confident we can provide you with the best advice and assistance to help you in getting your greens looking fantastic from the first day of the bowling season to the last.

We are sure our team can help you keep your greens looking fantastic. Please get in contact today to arrange a free consultation and quote.

This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Muirkirk Bowling Club in Ayrshire had an irrigation system installed by Watermation Ltd in 1984 and now requires to be upgraded can your company help with this

    1. Thanks for your enquiry, we can certainly help you to upgrade your irrigation system. Please send us your telephone number (our email address is or call us directly (01506 844471) to discuss further.

      Kind regards,

      Peter Campbell
      Sports Turf Services

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