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Bowling Green Irrigation Maintenance

Don’t Let Your Greens Dry-Out

At Sports Turf Services we understand that you want to keep you bowling greens in peak condition throughout the bowling season and looking and playing their best. A fully functioning and efficient irrigation system plays a major part in making this a reality.

We know bowling club budgets can be tight and keeping an eye on finances is extremely important, with this in mind we work closely with clubs to establish requirements and budget in order to tailor the most suitable package that delivers maximum rewards with minimal outlay.

Your Irrigation Maintenance Package

All our irrigation packages are implemented by our team with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have faced and addressed every irrigation issue you can imagine, ranging from efficiency issues through to complete breakdowns.

Testing Functionality

Some of the most common damage we will encounter and repair include leaking valves or pipes, broken, sunken, tilted or missing heads and clogged nozzles.

Efficiency Checks

Our efficiency checks ensure that you are getting the most out of your system without wastage. We resolve an number of efficiency issues including:

  • Misaligned heads, resulting in the overwatering and dry spots
  • Overspray, resulting in poor uniformity of distribution across your green
  • High pressure problems, causing misting from spray heads and rapid rotation resulting in poor distribution and potential damage to the system
  • Low pressure problems, causing spray heads to fail to pop-up or rotate
  • Incorrect Spray Arc, resulting in poor or inconsistent coverage across the green, older systems in particular may need updated.

Why Choose STS?

Our greenkeeping team have extensive experience in bowling green irrigation maintenance across dozens of bowling clubs throughout Scotland.

This wealth of experience ensures our team will have an answer to any questions you may have for them, they are always just on call away, happy to answer your questions.

We are confident we can provide you with the best advice and assistance to assist you in getting your greens looking fantastic from the first day of the bowling season to the last.

We are sure our team can help you keep your greens looking fantastic. Please get in contact today to arrange a free consultation and quote.

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