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Bowling Green Irrigation – Water is the Source of Life

We are fortunate to have a team of greenkeepers with over 100 combined years of experience and each team member is passionate and primed to deliver desired results. Following on from what was an exceptional summer in 2018 we now look forward to 2019.

Will we experience a similar summer with long dry spells coupled with very high temperatures? Will your green suffer the consequences? The following advisory information will undoubtedly help you to help STS deliver a quality playing surface for your Members in the season ahead.

Prepare For Dry Weather

Imagine a pot plant in the garden. It has not been watered for a day or two and at last, when you get time to water it you discover that the water will not soak in to the compost. The exact same happens on the bowling green and if left to get too dry the soil will be very difficult to re wet.

The key is commence irrigation before conditions get too dry. In 2019 STS plan to offer all contracted customers an email update of forecast dry spells with a What To Do Now alert detailing action required. Equally if we experience a typical wet Scottish summer we are competently prepared and ready to offer aeration and drainage remedies to help you throughout the season.

Your Irrigation System – Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

How often, when we rely on something, do we wait until we need it to find it doesn’t work? Your irrigation system might be needed as early as April, so get it checked and ready to go by late March. STS can get it all set up for you but please don’t wait until it’s too late and remember, we offer solutions to all your irrigation requirements including design, installation, repair and maintenance.

Hand-Watering Your Greens

Assuming your irrigation system is primed for, and ready to meet the requirement of the season ahead please don’t forget the essential importance of hand watering. Your irrigation system may well be designed to cover the entire playing surface but external influences such as sprinkler head malfunction and varying wind speeds will affect irrigational distribution. The main area affected by wind velocity is the green centre and if you note drought stress on any areas of your green commence hand watering as soon as possible. If in doubt contact us for advice.

Wetting Agents

Wetting agents quite simply help the surface beneath your green absorb water thus preventing the pot plant scenario and further help the movement of water through the soil during periods of high rainfall. STS will make regular applications of wetting agents to your green as part of our 2019 maintenance programme.

Speak to the Irrigation Experts

Working in conjunction with Sports Turf Services creates a dynamic partnership between your Club and STS who’s mutual aim is to offer play on the best possible surface throughout the season. Our team of highly qualified staff are very capable of delivering the desired results through the chain of STS recommendations meeting agreement with the needs of your Club. Contact us to find out more.

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