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Bowling Green Maintenance

We provide varying degrees of support and expertise depending on each club’s circumstances and requirements, from a simple one-off repair to a comprehensive, all-encompassing ongoing maintenance agreement.

Ensure Your Greens Play Fantastically Throughout the Season

Sports Turf Services have been experts in bowling green maintenance for over 40 years, working at bowling clubs the length and breadth of Scotland.

Our experience and extensive knowledge of bowls in Scotland means we have an intimate understanding of the challenges bowling clubs face in keeping their greens in fantastic condition throughout the year, every year.

Maintenance Contracts

Full advisory and greenkeeper visits to maintain your bowling green.


Annual end of season bowling green maintenance renovations.


Comprehensive one-off bowling green maintenance work.

Artificial Bankings

Supply, installation, and recovering of artificial grass bankings.


Supply and installation of automatic bowling green irrigation systems.

Irrigation Maintenance

Annual bowling green irrigation maintenance contracts.

Green Edges

Fitting of new timber edging and re-levelling of bowling green edges.

Repair & Levelling

Repair damaged or uneven areas of the bowling green.

Supplies & Approved Materials

From fertiliser and seed, to sprayers and spreaders.

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Committed to Excellence in Customer Service

Just as individuals are unique, so too are bowling clubs. What works for one bowling club does not necessarily work for others as successfully. Providing sports and amenity turf maintenance services demands innovation and flexibility, both of which come naturally to our team.

We take pride in regularly speaking with our client bowling clubs to find out more about how their bowling green has been performing and identify any problems they have been having. We provide expert advice where needed and adapt our approach to work according to their specific requirements.

Bowling Green Maintenance Agreements

Keeping your bowling green in great condition throughout the season, year on year, is a huge challenge, requiring extensive knowledge and effort in order to ensure the best end results.

Many bowling clubs don’t have a full-time greenkeeper working on their green, however, members and visitors still expect a great playing surface throughout the bowling season from day one.

Sports Turf Services can assist you if you don’t have the time or resources to take care of your greens. We will work with you to tailor a package to your club that is most suitable and ensures every aspect of bowling green upkeep is taken care of.

Why Choose Us?


Scotland’s most experienced in bowling green maintenance, providing reactive and proactive solutions to bowling green issues.


We led the way in installing artificial grass bankings, now used by most bowling clubs after introducing them 30 years ago.


Highly recommended between bowling clubs, we are proud to have built our business on word of mouth.


Tailored solutions and fair pricing for each bowling club based on their requirements and budget.

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