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Centres of Education

We can provide you with a one-off service or select a number of services in a package that is tailored to your facility’s requirements.

Comprehensive Sports Turf and Grounds Maintenance Support

Sports Turf Services offer a comprehensive range of installation and maintenance services for universities, colleges and schools.

Our services include the maintenance of sports pitches as well as landscaping services for open and amenity areas of your grounds.

Our Education Services

Sports Pitch Verti-Draining

Deep solid tine aeration for soil de-compaction and drainage.

Sports Pitch Aeration

Solid or hollow tine for soil de-compaction and root zone amelioration.

Sports Pitch Earthquake

Shatters compacted soil and aids drainage and air exchange.

Sports Pitch Scarify

Removes matted and dead growth allowing air into turf surface.

Sports Pitch Dressing

Fills in damaged areas, helps level surface, and replenishes root zone.

Sports Pitch Sanding

Fills in damaged areas, helps level surface, and aids drainage

Sports Pitch Seeding

Over seeding pitch to repair damaged areas and encourage new growth.

Sports Pitch Fertiliser

Encourages new and healthier growth, and stimulates root development.

Sports Pitch Spraying

Application of selective weed control to keep your field in peak condition.

Sports Pitch Re-Turfing

Re-turfing goal mouths and other damaged areas of the pitch.

Sports Pitch Renovation Packages

Standard and tailor-made combinations of any of our services.

Sports Pitch Drainage

Installation of pipe and gravel drains, Sand Slitting, Sand or Gravel Banding.

Sports Pitch Approved Materials

Supply of fertilisers, grass seed, top-dressing, sand, goal posts, line marking, and turf.

Landscape Services

A comprehensive range of landscaping services for areas throughout your grounds.

Supplies & Approved Materials

From fertiliser and seed, to sprayers and spreaders.

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We understand that every centre of education has different requirements when it comes to sports field and amenity area turf and landscaping maintenance. What works for one may not work for others and providing maintenance support services requires innovation and flexibility, both of which come naturally to our team.

We speak at length with each and every client to discover their requirements and how their sports pitches and amenity areas have been performing. We provide expert advice where required and adapt our approach to the work according to each client’s needs.

Why Choose Sports Turf Services?

Comprehensive Service

An all-in-one solution to your sports turf maintenance and landscaping needs.


We have worked in educational institutions for many years, trusted by leading schools.


We hold all necessary qualifications and accreditations to carry out the work.

Bespoke Approach

We tailor every service package we provide to fit your requirements and budget.

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