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Ensure Your Bowling Green Looks and Plays Fantastic Throughout the 2017 Season

Ensuring your bowling green stays in fantastic condition throughout the season is just as challenging as getting it ready for that all important opening day and often throws up unexpected challenges.

It is not always possible for bowling clubs to have a full-time greenkeeper working on the bowling green, however, members and visitors still expect a playing surface that is in peak condition throughout the season.

How Do You Keep Your Green Looking Great?

  • Regularly apply product to ensure your green stays healthy
  • Ongoing machine maintenance, including scarification and aeration
  • Regularly mowing your green during the summer months
  • Keep an eye on your green, looking out for signs of deterioration
  • Monitor for any signs of disease or infection on your green
  • Prepare for and deal with the impact of inclement weather, including flooding
  • Well watered bowling greens during spells of dry weather, utilising an irrigation system.

Advice and Assistance From Maintenance Experts

If, like many bowling clubs, you don’t have the resources to take care of all aspects of ongoing bowling green maintenance, Sports Turf Services can advise and assist to ensure your club is in fantastic shape throughout 2017.

For more information or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quote get in touch with us today.

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