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Ensure Your Greens Stay in Peak Condition

Here at Sports Turf Services we know that you want your greens maintained to the highest standards throughout the bowling season. A dedicated, fully trained greenkeeper at a manageable price with no unexpected charges can make this a reality.

Making sure your greens are looking and playing their best throughout the season is a major part of keeping your members happy and attracting newcomers to your club, our team can make this happen.

Your Maintenance Package

The STS bowling green maintenance team will provide you with advice and a full maintenance schedule for the entire bowling season. This ensures your green is looking and playing great for the duration of each season.

Our greenkeepers work programme features product application and machine maintenance, including scarification and aerating, to keep your greens in peak condition at all times. You will also be provided with regular progress reports on work carried out so you are aware of exactly what is being done.

Having our team take care of the entire maintenance process for you means one less thing to worry about whilst running your club.

Advisory Service

As part of our agreements we provide a bowling green maintenance advisory service from a member of our experienced team.

All of our greenkeepers are highly-trained and knowledgeable, which means they will be capable of providing detailed insight into how your greens should be looked after.

You will receive regular scheduled visits from one greenkeeper that is permanently assigned to your bowling club. This ensures they develop a comprehensive understanding of your bowling green and its specific challenges and requirements.

During each visit from your assigned greenkeeper you will receive detailed written reports and will discuss work that has been carried out and work that is recommended going forward. This approach ensures there is consistent communication and you are completely involved in the process.

Why Choose STS?

We guarantee you an experienced and certified dedicated greenkeeper assigned to your bowling club. This means you have one consistent point of contact who takes full responsibility for your maintenance service.

All members of our green-keeping team have extensive experience in bowling green maintenance across dozens of bowling clubs throughout Scotland. This experience ensures our team will have an answer to any problem they are presented with.

Our agreements are tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget so that you get the most appropriate service for your club at the best possible price.

You will not be surprised with any additional charges further down the line for the agreed upon services, the price we agree upon is the price you will pay.

The agreement is paid for on a monthly basis over the course of the year so that the payment is manageable and you can plan ahead financially.

We are confident we will have your greens looking fantastic from the first day of the bowling season to the last. Please get in contact today to arrange a free consultation and quote.

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