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Bowls Irrigation

5 Key Benefits Benefits of an Irrigation System

Keeping your bowling greens in peak condition throughout the season can be a big challenge as you combat adverse weather and heavy use. In Scotland you would be forgiven for putting watering of greens low in your priorities. All it takes is a week or two of dry weather for lack of water to have a detrimental effect on your green. Poorly designed sprinkler systems that drown some areas while others can lead to big problems over the course of a season.

5 Key Benefits Benefits of an Irrigation System

1. Time Saver

Using timers you can set the watering to take place at a time that suits you without having to be there.

2. Reduce Water Wastage

Irrigation systems are set to use precisely the amount of water you decide is required, with minimal wastage.

3. Lower Costs

More efficient use of water and a reduction in your labour costs mean that you will save money.

4 Improve the Quality of Greens

Watering your green with smaller amounts of water over a longer period of time ensures they are in healthier condition.

5. Watering in Fertiliser

This washes nutrients into the soil and roots and gets the fertiliser off the green surface, reducing risk of scorch and you can quickly get back playing on the green.

Free, No Obligation Consultation & Quote

Bespoke irrigation systems are designed to ensure your club’s green stays in fantastic condition throughout the season will make your life so much easier.

Get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quote from our team of bowling green irrigation experts.

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