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Golf Course Maintenance & Support

STS can provide the services your club needs to keep the course in fantastic condition and ensure you have happy members.

From Tee to Green We’ve Got You Covered

From the fairways to pristine greens, golf course maintenance is an extremely challenging endeavour that takes a very particular skill-set and extensive experience to get right.

Members often play golf throughout the year, not just in summer, and expect the course to be kept in great condition throughout. STS can provide the services your club needs to keep the course in fantastic condition and ensure you have happy members.

Our Golf Services


Deep solid tine aeration for greens, approaches, tees, and fairways.


Hollow or solid tine for soil de-compaction and root zone amelioration.


Shatters compacted soil and aids drainage and air exchange.


Removes thatch allowing air into turf surface.


Application of selective weed control.


Turfing greens or tees and other damaged areas.


Standard and tailor made combinations of any of the above services.


Installation of pipe and gravel drains, Sand Slitting, Sand or Gravel Banding.


Removes a lot of thatch allowing air into turf surface.

Graden Sand Injection

Removes a lot of thatch and injects dried sand into turf surface.

Top Dressing

Application of top dressing or sand.


Over seeding greens, tees, fairways and other worn areas.

Approved Materials

Supply of fertiliser, grass seed, top dressing, sand, soil conditioner, turf, pesticides, wetting agents, and golf accessories.

Artificial Grass

Supply and installation of Artificial Grass for Tees and Pathways.

Supplies & Approved Materials

From fertiliser and seed, to sprayers and spreaders.

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Committed to Excellence in Customer Service

We understand that every golf club is different, with specific needs and requirements that are unique to them. What works for one golf club does not necessarily work for others. Providing sports turf maintenance services demands innovation and flexibility in approach, both of which come naturally to our team.

We speak with our clients at length to find out more about how their course has been performing and identify any problems they may have been having. We provide expert advice where needed and adapt our approach to work according to their specific requirements.

Why Choose Sports Turf Services?


Expert advice from experienced specialists who can carry out a comprehensive review of your surface’s condition.


Specialised machinery and equipment that is appropriate for each job we may have to carry out.


All operators have undergone extensive training to expertly carry out work based on the surface review.

Trusted Materials

Approved, quality materials that we have sourced and thoroughly tested before being used.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You.