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  • Ferromex 20Ltr

    Ferromex 20Ltr


    Ferromex is a unique, fully licence approved, high performance liquid moss killer.

    Ferromex controls mosses in a wide range of professional sports turf and amenity situations from fine turf golf and bowling green to outfield sports pitches and amenity parkland.

    Ferromex is made from stabilised iron salts, it is rain fast once dry minimising the risk of foot travel and unwanted sward marking.

    As a stabilised non-oxidising liquid moss killer Ferromex is very safe in use with a low scorch potential. It will remove even the heaviest moss within 7-10 days and will also help to promote quick sward regrowth. It is easy to mix and apply even in hard water areas.

    To achieve long term control, the treatment of Ferromex should be supplemented with other measures to improve soil fertility, drainage, aeration and/or reduction of shade as appropriate.

    Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate can be applied through any type of sprayer. Thorough wetting of the moss is essential.

  • Ferromel Soluble Iron 25kg Bag

    Ferromel Soluble Iron 25kg Bag


    Ferromel 20 is a water soluble formulation of iron sulphate hepta-hydrate used for hardening and greening bowling greens and golf greens turf.

    When applied to turf, this product will help discourage worms and moss formation whilst encouraging the proliferation of finer leaved grasses in the sward.

    Ferromel should not be applied to hard surfaces as it may cause rust staining.

    Ferromel 20 can be used at any time of the year providing frost is not expected. In dry weather, turf treated at the highest rate should subsequently receive a few minutes irrigation to avoid scorching the grass tips. Supplementary irrigation is not required where soil moisture is high.

  • Safor 5Ltr

    Safor 5Ltr


    A surface biocide for use against moulds, fungi and algae on external hard surfaces.

    Safor is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that provides a safe and easy solution to hard surface management.