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  • SeaVolution Granular 25kg Bag

    SeaVolution Granular 25kg Bag


    SeaVolution Granular is a natural organic soil conditioner. 100% dried seaweed derived from fresh ascophyllum nodosum.

    SeaVolution Granular can be used on all sand and soil based loams, helping to produce an improved soil structure and enhanced root development for the grass turf plant. It contains three different seaweed types, each component having a different benefit.

  • SeaVolution 10Ltr

    SeaVolution 10Ltr


    SeaVolution is used as a remedy for poor grass growth, caused by stress, restricted root development and root attack by parasitic nematodes and fungal pathogens.

    The unique extraction process squeezes every last drop of goodness from the seaweed giving a product that cannot be bettered in it’s class.

    SeaVolution can be used around the golf course on greens, tees, approaches and fairways. It can also be used on bowls greens and other fine turf surfaces, outfield sports areas and ornamental lawns.

  • Rapid Root 15kg

    Rapid Root 15kg


    A soil conditioner and root enhancer product, Rapid Root contains natural humic substances and amino acids to reduce environmental stresses and to relieve the effects of wear under playing conditions. The product acts directly to stimulate soil microbial activity around roots and promotes improvement in water and nutrient uptake .Added NPK and micronutrients ensure the grass is supported for growth and recovery.