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  • AquaZorb 45 10Ltr

    AquaZorb 45 10Ltr


    Aqua-Zorb 45 is designed for use in 4 – 6 weekly maintenance programmes to control localised Dry Patch and maintain perfect conditions.

    Aqua-Zorb 45 carries the same proven benefits as Aqua-Zorb liquid such as water saving and improved drainage. Aqua-Zorb 45 improves turf quality and colour with a special formulation that reduces scorch without loss of effect.

  • AquaZorb Granular

    AquaZorb Granular


    A biodegradeable granule, containing a non-ionic water management product for the treatment of all hydrophobic soils. One application will last for up to 5 months.

    Aqua-Zorb Granular has been formulated as an easy to apply granule, giving fast penetration and rapid granule breakdown, it can be used in combination with aeration for the treatment of Dry Patch.

    Aqua-Zorb Granular can also be used for the spot treatment of specific areas and on exposed windy areas, or other sites where liquid application can prove difficult.

  • AquaZorb Big Tablet

    AquaZorb Big Tablet


    A wetting agent tablet designed for use with tank irrigation systems.

    The tablet is dropped into the irrigation water tank, where it will completely dissolve within 4 – 6 hours. The effervescent action in the formulation results in air bubbles forming on the surface of the tablet, causing it to move around the tank. This unique self agitating system ensures thorough mixing.

    Aqua-Zorb Big Tablet is a great time saver for adding tablet wetting agent in dry summers or when short of manpower.

  • AquaZorb Applicator

    AquaZorb Applicator


    The Aqua-Zorb hose end applicator is designed for use with Aqua-Zorb Pellets, to provide a gentle, ultra soft spray when applying the product to dry, hydrophobic soils.

    The pellet rotation system evenly dissolves and applies Aqua-Zorb Pellets. The nozzle and precision flow control valve can be removed and used independently.

    The Aqua-Zorb Applicator is supplied with a brass adapter that allows the applicator to work with both the 3/4″ and 1″ hose fittings.

  • AquaZorb Pellets Box Of 6

    AquaZorb Pellets Box of 6


    For intensive spot treatment of problematic areas that are severely water repellent and suffering from Dry Patch.

    Aqua-Zorb Pellets give greater flexibility in the fight against Dry Patch and are a simple and effective way of applying wetting agent through a hose end applicator.