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Greentec Mosskiller

Headland Mosskiller 4.0.4


1-9 £40 each

10+ £33 each

Headland Greentec Mosskiller Pro is a conventional release, mini granular fertiliser and approved moss killer for the rapid control of moss in lawns and turf.

In addition to its moss control qualities, Greentec Mosskiller’s 4.0.4 + 9Fe analysis makes it ideal for use as a spring starter fertiliser or a low temperature hardener on all areas of amenity turf where prolonged colour, but not growth is required.

  • Approved moss killer for the rapid control of moss in turf
  • Conventional release, mini granular fertiliser
  • Low nitrogen content for use in cool conditions
  • Potassium and iron aid turf hardening and disease resistance
  • Fine granule for uniform coverage and consistent response


Application Guidelines

Apply after mowing to allow maximum time to treat the moss before re-cutting. Water-in if applied during hot periods. Avoid applying during rainfall or frost. Remove from hard surfaces immediately to avoid staining.

Application rates

Light – 30gms per m2

Medium – 35gms per m2

Heavy – 40gms per m2 (Moss killer Rate)

Pack size: 25kg

Analysis: 4.0.4 + 9Fe

Longevity: 4 – 6 weeks

Pack covers: 625-833 square metres

Period of use: September to April

Greentec Mosskiller Pro 4-0-4+9Fe is suitable for application to golf and bowling greens, tees, approaches, surrounds, cricket outfields, winter season pitches and general amenity turf.