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White Solid Color Background Marathon Sport Pre Seed

Marathon Sport Pre-Seed Repair 25kg Bag


Marathon Sport Pre-Seed Repair is an extended release fertiliser that can be used on most types of sward to repair worn, stressed or damaged turf.

In addition, it can be incorporated into the soil or root zone prior to turfing or seeding to encourage quick establishment and a healthy root system.

The analysis, with a high phosphate content, stimulates deep root growth while the balance of nitrogen, potash and magnesium provide the ideal conditions for the healthy growth of young grass seedlings and newly established turf.

Marathon Sport Pre-Seed & Repair has a patented organic complex base that provides the extended release characteristics needed to give rapid establishment of new grasses without the soft growth that can be more susceptible to damping-off disease.


Key points:

  • Organic base
  • Proven to give outstanding results
  • Flexible application rates to suit all soil types
  • Buffer ensures nitrogen content will not volatilise or leach
  • Very low scorch index


Analysis: 7.13.9 + 2.5MgO + 0.3Mn
Application Rate: 20 – 35g/m2
Pack Coverage: 714 – 1,250m2
Bags/Ha: 8 – 14


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