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  • SeaVolution 10Ltr

    SeaVolution 10Ltr


    SeaVolution is used as a remedy for poor grass growth, caused by stress, restricted root development and root attack by parasitic nematodes and fungal pathogens.

    The unique extraction process squeezes every last drop of goodness from the seaweed giving a product that cannot be bettered in it’s class.

    SeaVolution can be used around the golf course on greens, tees, approaches and fairways. It can also be used on bowls greens and other fine turf surfaces, outfield sports areas and ornamental lawns.

  • Rapid Root 15kg

    Rapid Root 15kg


    A soil conditioner and root enhancer product, Rapid Root contains natural humic substances and amino acids to reduce environmental stresses and to relieve the effects of wear under playing conditions. The product acts directly to stimulate soil microbial activity around roots and promotes improvement in water and nutrient uptake .Added NPK and micronutrients ensure the grass is supported for growth and recovery.

  • Ferromex 20Ltr

    Ferromex 20Ltr


    Ferromex is a unique, fully licence approved, high performance liquid moss killer.

    Ferromex controls mosses in a wide range of professional sports turf and amenity situations from fine turf golf and bowling green to outfield sports pitches and amenity parkland.

    Ferromex is made from stabilised iron salts, it is rain fast once dry minimising the risk of foot travel and unwanted sward marking.

    As a stabilised non-oxidising liquid moss killer Ferromex is very safe in use with a low scorch potential. It will remove even the heaviest moss within 7-10 days and will also help to promote quick sward regrowth. It is easy to mix and apply even in hard water areas.

    To achieve long term control, the treatment of Ferromex should be supplemented with other measures to improve soil fertility, drainage, aeration and/or reduction of shade as appropriate.

    Ferromex Mosskiller Concentrate can be applied through any type of sprayer. Thorough wetting of the moss is essential.

  • Instrata Elite 3 Ltr

    Instrata Elite 3 Ltr


    Instrata Elite combines the new active ingredient, difenoconazole, with the outstanding performance of fludioxonil. Together, the complementary actives target different stages of disease life cycles for flexible application timing and reliable results.

    The consistently reliable performance of Instrata Elite has been proven by over 60 trials across nine European countries – including STRI, Syngenta and on golf courses across the UK.

    The fast two-way action of Instrata Elite can be used all year around. However, fitting into a proactive fungicide programme, to protect turf quality, the unique properties of Instrata Elite perfectly match the demands for disease control from mid to late autumn and through early spring.

    Instrata Elite has been tried, tested and approved to deliver great results at a flexible range of water application volumes, from 125 to 500 l/ha. You can select the water volume to optimise performance of tank-mix partners, including some fertilisers, growth regulators or wetting agents, confident in the performance of Instrata Elite.

    With Instrata Elite you get Syngenta’s proven contact+ activity – targeting spores in the thatch and at the soil surface, as well as on the leaf. That can quickly reduce disease pressure during high risk periods.

    Instrata Elite can not only be taken up by leaves and the crown but also by the roots. So any active applied that finds its way to the rootzone can be taken up and is not lost.

  • Ferromel Soluble Iron 25kg Bag

    Ferromel Soluble Iron 25kg Bag


    Ferromel 20 is a water soluble formulation of iron sulphate hepta-hydrate used for hardening and greening bowling greens and golf greens turf.

    When applied to turf, this product will help discourage worms and moss formation whilst encouraging the proliferation of finer leaved grasses in the sward.

    Ferromel should not be applied to hard surfaces as it may cause rust staining.

    Ferromel 20 can be used at any time of the year providing frost is not expected. In dry weather, turf treated at the highest rate should subsequently receive a few minutes irrigation to avoid scorching the grass tips. Supplementary irrigation is not required where soil moisture is high.

  • Safor 5Ltr

    Safor 5Ltr


    A surface biocide for use against moulds, fungi and algae on external hard surfaces.

    Safor is a blend of organic acids and surfactants that provides a safe and easy solution to hard surface management.

  • T2 Green Pro 10Ltr

    T2 Green Pro 10Ltr


    T2 Green Pro is a selective herbicide for the control of a wide range of weeds in managed amenity turf.

    The product controls a broad spectrum of weeds including many difficult perennial weeds.

    In managed amenity turf an application of fertiliser 1 to 2 weeks before treatment will aid weed control.

  • Praxys 2Ltr

    Praxys 2Ltr


    Praxys is a powerful systemic post-emergent herbicide, it combines three active ingredients and two different modes of action to kill a range of difficult to control weeds.

    Developed in an extensive trial programme, Praxys has an extremely effective low dose rate that gives a minimal environmental loading of active ingredient.

  • Katana 50gms

    Katana 50gms


    Katana is a powerful, non-selective residual broad spectrum herbicide, for the control of annual and perennial weeds on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation and permeable surfaces overlying soil.

    Katana is formulated as a water dispersible granule that is long-lasting and is effective at low dose rates. It is an excellent cost-saving option as one application of Katana can save repeated strimming visits to the same sites to tidy around obstacles and fence lines, reducing both cost and operator exposure to risks such as hand/arm vibration.

    If weeds are already present, tank-mix Katana with a suitable contact herbicide such as glyphosate and apply when the weeds are actively growing.

  • Roundup Pro Active 5 Ltr

    Roundup Pro Active 5 Ltr


    A new Roundup formulation for amenity use. Roundup ProActive contains an optimal blend of surfactants that offers non-toxic and ready biodegradability plus highly efficient activity at the leaf surface.

    This highly active combination ensures an improvement in glyphosate uptake and overall performance.

    In addition the formulation retains the non-toxicity and biodegradability properties that are so important today.  Low viscosity is maintained through a wide range of storage and application conditions to ensure ease of use. Roundup ProActive works in a large variety of weather and growing conditions.

  • Amenity Glyphosate XL 5Ltr

    Amenity Glyphosate XL 5Ltr


    Monsanto Amenity Glyphosate XL is an aqueous solution recommended for the control of annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds in non-crop areas such as roadsides, paths and hard surfaces and along fences and walls.

    It is ideal for clearing weed-covered ground prior to planting or sowing, and for total weed control on industrial sites. It may also be used as a directed spray in ornamental planting and in forestry for site preparation and post-planting treatments.

  • Primo Maxx 5Ltr

    Primo Maxx 5Ltr


    Primo Maxx is a liquid formulation grass growth regulator that works by redirecting plant growth, specifically targeting the gibberellic acid site that is responsive for cell elongation in grass.

    Primo Maxx inhibits vertical growth and diverts plant growth downward into the root system to produce increased lateral stem movement. This results in a thicker, healthier sward that better equips turf to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic and wear and even helps in the management of Poa annua.

    All applications start mid-April. Max treatments – 5 full rate per year. Recommended for use on greens, golf tees, fairways, semi-rough and rough grass areas.