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Why You Should Re-Level Your Bowling Green Edges

Your greens may be showing the signs of the inevitable wear and tear that comes with a busy summer of bowls. The signs of wear and tear can be particularly prominent at the edges of your bowling greens.

The edges of your bowling green often become damaged due to people stepping onto the green and standing around the perimeter, making damage or wear and tear to those areas unavoidable.

Another common cause of bowling green edges dipping their level is a lack of support around the perimeter of the green, or the supports failing due to deterioration over time. If this is the case they will have to be replaced as part of the re-levelling process.

How To Re-Level Bowling Green Edges

  • Remove turf round edges of your green with a specialist turf cutter and store for re-use once levels have been adjusted.
  • Use supporting timber edging along the route of the existing ditch line to bring it up to the required level.
  • Re-install the turf previously removed and use Root Zone Mix. Use new turf only where necessary to blend in with the existing playing surface.
  • Finally, top dress the edges of the bowling green with a light top-dressing.

STS Can Provide Assistance

Our greenkeeping team have extensive experience having carried out bowling green edge re-levelling across hundreds of bowling clubs throughout Scotland.

Please get in touch today to arrange a free, no obligation consultation and quotefrom our team of experts to ensure your greens look and play fantastic next season.

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